Fern Film


LGBTQ+ Power   June 2 

We are a group of students who have come together to curate a day of film that celebrates LGBTQ+ voices by featuring unique, high quality films by local and international LGBTQ+ filmmakers. Our day offers films told through the unique perspective of horror and other genres as well. We will feature interviews of the filmmakers, directors and actors that explore their personal experiences as LGBTQ+ people and their unique film process.  In addition to screenings, we hope to include other entertainment mediums such as song, poetry and  performed and created by LGBTQ+ artists. 

See below for films. 

Hope to see you at LGBTQ+ Power!
Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Family History

9:30 a.m.           16 mins

On the anniversary of his mother's mysterious death, a young man brings his new boyfriend home to meet his reclusive, conservative father, and secrets rise to the surface.

Director/Writer          Mark J. Parker                                                                  Starring                       Matthew Courson, Aleksander Varadian                                                         Patrick Heraghty, Catherine Nastasi

Q&A with Mark J. Parker following the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

The Acorn Princess

11:00 a.m.        7 mins 

Princess Cornelia and the Flower Prince have been betrothed for as long as they can remember. The two have grown inseparable...as friends. Cornelia pines for the heart of the guard captain, and  the Flower Prince is involved with another in secret. On the eve of their wedding day, the pair dread what may be the end of their lives as they know it.


Production Manager               Kris Yim                                                          Lead Animator                         Hannah Austin                                              Art Director                              Mikayla Buan

Starring                Madeline Dorroh, Colin Nelson, Van Barr Jr.,                                                 Hannah Austin and Maury Whyte

Interview with Kris Yim following the screening.

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Labels                                  or an exploration of gender and society

11:00 a.m.           7 mins

Labels is an avant-garde exploration of what it's like to exist in the world as a non-binary or gender non-conforming individual.                         We follow The Protagonist as they go to what they expect will be a casual, but fun networking event. However, once at the party, they quickly begin to deal with increasingly difficult gendering from the other partygoers. 

Director       Courtney McCullough                                                                    Writer           Yasmin Ghasiri                                                                              Producers    Yasmin Ghasiri, Scott Buscemi 

Q&A with Yasmin Ghasiri and Scott Buscemi following the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

The One You Never Forget

1:15 p.m.        9 mins

14 year Carey nervously prepares for his first dance as his parents reminisce about their own. When Carey's mother (Tasha Smith, EMPIRE) tasks Carey's father (Malik Whitfield, THE TEMPTATIONS) with getting the perfect picture of Carey and his date, a moment of tension arises as Carey becomes elusive.

Director/Writer        Morgan Jon Fox                                                                Starring                     Tasha Smith, Charles Malik Whitfield                                                                London Curtis, Owen D Stone.

Q&A with Morgan Jon Fox after the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Never Have I Ever

1:15 p.m.         6 mins

The night her best friend leaves for college, a demure girl professes her feelings for her during a game of Never Have I Ever.

Directed & Written by Lucas Caputo                                                                Starring:    Kaila Wooten, Natalie Shershow

Q&A with Lucas Caputo following screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Pete Can't Play Basketball

2:30 p.m.      7 mins

In a world where all that matters is basketball, Pete can't play basketball.

Director/Writer      Nick Borenstein                                                                  Producer                 Jennifer Simpson

Q&A with Nick Borenstein following the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Drawn To You

2:30 p.m.          4 mins 

Young Emily didn’t see anything wrong with her drawing of two girls holding hands, but her mother saw otherwise and tore both the paper and her child’s heart in two. Little did they know, the drawings had come alive and are determined to reunite with one another across the vast bedroom of pages, no matter what risk comes their way. An adventurous and heartwarming tale, “Drawn to You” shows audiences both the struggles and joy that comes with being true to your heart, and not letting others tell you who to be.

Director/Writer            Eleanor Davitt

Interview with Eleanor Davitt following the screening.