Fern Film


Beauty and Power    May 28

Our day is about presenting the beauty and power of BIPOC women. Our goal is to celebrate and highlight the experiences and stories from voices of BIPOC women and to give them the credit and recognition they deserve. The film festival will be a collage of short films, local and international. We are a group of students at Fern Ave P.S. who are passionate about spreading awareness through conversations with BIPOC women filmmakers and special guests. 

Email if you have any questions. 
Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Unintentional Mother

9:30 A.M.             14 mins

For an Aboriginal girl who must choose between running from her abusive father or staying as a devoted nanny, family is all about perspective.

Writer/Director                Mary Galoway                                                          Starring                             Mary Galoway, Beckham Skodje                                                                       Andrea Stefancikoya, Lorne Cardinal

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Canada's Unchecked Racism

11:00 A.M.          6 mins

Growing up as a non-white Canadian, you experience racism every day. What makes Canadian racism so unique, is that you almost don't notice it.

Director        Zoë Davidson                                                                                Starring         Zoë Davidson, Dominic 

Q&A with Zoë Davidson and Dominic following the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Weeping Willow

11:00 A.M.         4 mins  

Anita has always been sharp, witty and passionate especially today as she recounts the story of her lover and their meeting under the weeping willow tree.

The film is dedicated to  Mama Charles and Uncle Joe.

Director                    Monica Mustelier                                                    Starring                   Natalie Charles, Andy Marshall

Q&A with Monica, Natalie and Andy following the screening!  

Fern Film Festival Presents 

The Colour of Beauty

1:15 p.m.       17 mins

Renee Thompson is trying to make it as a top fashion model in New York. She's got the looks, the walk and the drive. But she’s a black model in a world where white women represent the standard of beauty. 

The Colour of Beauty is a shocking documentary that examines racism in the fashion industry. Is a black model less attractive to designers, casting directors and consumers? What is the colour of beauty?

Director - Elizabeth St. Philip

Q&A with Elizabeth St. Philip after the screening

Fern Film Festival Presents a Double Screening: 

Wash Day

2:30 p.m.       10 mins 

The act of washing one’s hair and body serves as the touchstone for Wash Day—an intimate exploration into how private, domestic acts such as washing your hair or putting on makeup become a significant re-acquaintance with the body, before and after navigating the politics of one’s outwardly appearance. As they get ready for the day, three young Black women discuss the public perception of their Blackness in its relation to their personal journeys in cultivating a strong sense of self.

Director        Kourtney Jackson

Interview with Kourtney Jackson following the screening and Q&A with


Bobby Pins and Tear Drops

2:30 p.m.         1 min 

A young black woman learns to build an emotional relationship with her curls. Feelings, thoughts and experiences can be shared through the styles she creates.

Director/Starring        Nazira Collins 

Q&A with Nazira following the screening

Fern Film Festival Presents:

اِقْتِلاعُ / déraciné

2:30 p.m.         11 mins

Leading a simple life, a father and daughter's quiet routine is disrupted sending their lives into upheaval. Helpless in the face of her father's looming deportation, Jude, the daughter is unsure as to how to move on alone.

Writer/Director                             Rolla Tahir                                            Starring                                          Deena Nina, Waleed Abdulhamid