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BIPOC Stories   June 9

Fern Film Festival is about learning the stories from underrepresented voices and celebrating our differences in culture. Our goal is to showcase stories from the perspective of the BIPOC community, from filmmakers of all ages, all across Canada, that serve to inspire, motivate and celebrate. In addition to films we will have workshops that strive to show the racism around us and ways to fight it. 

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Fern Film Festival Presents: 

An Object of Merit

9:30 a.m.       24 mins

What makes an ordinary bowl beautiful? AN OBJECT OF MERIT is a short documentary about a young ceramic artist exploring the Canadian and Korean influences on his functional wares. The film examines themes of cross-cultural identity, beauty in utility, and finding purpose in one’s art.

Director                                           Amanda Ann-Min Wong                          Cast                                                 Minjae Lee, Timothy Smith, Chris Sora  Cinematographer                         Benjamin Wong                                          Picture Editor                                Kathryn Lyons                                    Sound Recordist/Designer          Alana Raymond                        Production Designer                    Alicia K. Harris                            Composer                                      Haedeun Rosa Kim

Q&A with Amanda Ann-Min Wong following the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

An Uninvited Guest

11:00 a.m.      3 mins 

 When a Black man is viciously assaulted by police right outside their window, all of the guests at a dinner party seem to consider the attack unremarkable except for one.

Director                  Richard B. Pierre                                                         Cast                       Richard Walters, Franckie Francois, Jamie Mac,                                             M.E. Lewis, Hanneke Talbot, Nola Martin 

Q&A with Richard B. Pierre following the screening. 

Screening time TBA

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

The Onyx Butterfly 

11:00 a.m.          6 mins

The Onyx Butterfly is a Poetic and Expository Documentary which seamlessly incorporates actuality with poetic elements of dance performance. The film is an exploration of the life of a black male ballet dancer.

The film follows Jordan as he grapples with the societal pressures of being a black male in a traditionally white feminine landscape while also struggling against the cultural gender expectations placed upon black men. The film aims to explore the psychological impact of stereotypes on a black male who is determined to redefine black masculinity.

Director/Writer                            Yasmin Evering-Kerr                                    Featuring                                       Jordan Darius Alleyne                                Executive Producers                   Fabienne Colas Foundation                                                                               Emile Castonguay                                        Producer                                       Fonna-Tasha Seidu                                      Supervising Producers                Ngardy Conteh George, Alison Duke        Directory of Photography          Lucas Joseph 

Q&A with Yasmin Evering-Kerr and Jordan Darius Alleyne following the screening. 

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Promise Me

1:15 p.m.        24 mins

Charlie still has hope and is adamant in caring for her mother, Yolonda Thomas, as her health takes a turn for the worse. Loyal, she insists on sticking by her mother’s side until the very end. But when her school begins to notice Charlie’s absence, she is placed under a system of surveillance and Charlie will soon come to find that some decisions are outside of her control.

Director                         Alison Duke                                                                  Writers                          Alison Duke, Lindsey Addawoo                                  Producer                      Fonna Seidu                                                                  Cinematographer       Lucas Joseph                                                                  Editor                            Eui Yong Zong                                                                Composer                    Ezinma                                                                            Production Designer  Ladan Mohamed Siad                                                  Costume Designer      Sophia Rickson                                                             

Starring                         Olunike Adeliyi,  Breonna Morrison

Q&A with Alison Duke and Fonna Seidu after the screening

Fern Film Festival Presents: 

Ice Breakers

2:30 p.m.            15 mins

Josh Crooks is a promising teen hockey star in a sport where Black players like him are chronically underrepresented. Ice Breakers reveals the buried history of a pioneering Black hockey league in Atlantic Canada, as Crooks discovers that his unshakable passion is tied to a rich and remarkable heritage.

Writer/Director       Sandamini Rankaduwa

Q&A with Sandamini Rankaduwa following the screening